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Firewall 2136AD (WGPDF023)


Firewall 2136AD is a set of science fiction skirmish wargames rules designed to allow gamers to fight out battles in a cyberpunk inspired future, using any of the wide ranges of excellent 28mm scale models available from a wide variety of manufacturers. So for all fans of William Gibson, Blade Runner and Akira, here is Firewall 2136AD...

Firewall 2136AD lets players create teams of criminals, police and corporate security teams, arm them, cybernetically enhance them and even drug them up before letting them loose on the tabletop to gain hegemony in their own fictional cyberpunk world. The rules not only cover infantry combat on the streets but also include full vehicle rules, how to fight inside buildings and one of the most impressive arsenals of tabletop firepower, protection and cybernetic enhancements seen in a set of skirmish wargames rules. Three introductory scenarios, set in 22nd Century England, are included in the rule book to start players off.

Price: £5.00. Pages: 32 A4 including cover. To buy Firewall 2136AD go here.

Iron Hawk 2136AD (WGPDFtbc)

Iron Hawk 2136AD is a set of simple but challenging SF aerospace wargames rules for 6mm scale miniatures. Based on the mechanisms from our hugely popular AirWar series Iron Hawk provides a fun and exciting realistic game without needing to wade through pages and pages of tables, rules, sub-clauses etc..

Includes: Optional geo-political background for the early 22nd century Basic rules for fighter combat in space and atmosphere. Stats for aerospace craft from the major political power blocs of the 22nd century. Optional construction rules to make your own design for our universe or one of your own choosing...

Price: NYA Pages: tbc. Iron Hawk 2136AD is currently undergoing pre-production and we hope to release the game later this year.

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