Darke Lands Dwarf Schutztruppen Greens

Bob Olley has sculpted our first Dwarf Schutztruppen for Darke Lands. More hopefully soon...

C21 Bomber Supplement Released

We have released a small new supplement for AirWar: C21 with 20 new bombers including the legendary Soviet Bear and RAF Vulcan.

After some though we decided to charge a nominal price for the product and will be donating all our royalties from its sale to the Vuclan To The Sky fund.

The supplement can be purchased here.

Work Started on Darke Lands Miniatures and Rules

Darke Lands, out game of colonial warfare in a fantasy realm, has emerged from "Development Hell and work has commenced on the miniatures range and rules. Things are at a very early stage but we thought we'd share this photos of the Schutztruppen dollies.

Highland Orcs Off For Moulding

Two packs of new Panzerfäuste miniatures have been sent off for master and production moulding.

PZ411 - Highland Orc Infantry Command 
PZ412 - Highland Orc Infantry

1812: Napoleon on Mars

I'm happy to announce a project we are currently working on and hope to release by the end of the year - 1812: Napoleon on Mars.

This is a brigade level set of wargames rules to allow you to fight the battles between the Grande Armée de Mars and the British Expeditionary Force with their Martian allies. If you don't recall your history teacher telling you about the Grand Martian Invasion (for shame!) don't worry, we will include a historical overview in the rule book.

More can be found out about the game on our dedicated 1812: Napoleon on Mars blog here.

Dick Garrison Rapid Launch Published

Dick Garrison Rapid Launch has been published today via Wargame Vault.

Rapid Launch is a PDF rule set containing the basic rules from our forthcoming Pulp SF miniatures rules The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison, the purchase cost of which will be able to be redeemed against the price of the full rules set when released.

Rapid Launch allows you to play the basic game with League of Nations Space Navy troopers pitted against the vile Khanopian soldiers under the command of the despotic Khang the Compassionless and contains three episodes (scenarios) to allow you to get a feel for the game.

The 28 page PDF rulebook contains:

Introduction: Khanopia: Empire of Misery, The League of Nations
Doughty Heroes & Sinister Villains: Roles, Statistics, Pros & Cons, Equipment, Squads, Leaders
To Action: Turn Sequence, Morale, Plot Twists
A Desperate Race: Terrain, Obstacles, Movement Types
The Battle Joined: Ranged Combat, Close Combat, Mental Combat
A Bold Attempt: Challenges, Types of Challenges Some Flimsy Scripts: Perfidy in the Palace, Treachery, A Fate Worse Than Death
A Cast of Dozens: Character Biographies, Character Record Sheets, Heroes of the Space Navy, Villains of Khanopia

A print friendly vanilla version of the rulebook is included with the PDF.